Angelika Tomkins

August 23

I have been attending Helen’s classes for several years. I enjoy the variety and flexibility of her classes and in particular the Reformer classes. I feel a real difference both physically and mentally attending these on a regular basis and have recently increased my reformer classes to 2 per week.
She is a very experienced and effective teacher and makes classes fun whilst working hard achieving my goals.
The venue is lovely and adds to a very positive experience. I highly recommend Helen’s classes and the studio in general!

Marianne Bradnock

December 2020

Despite initial reservations about doing Pilates online, I quickly found that Zoom was the perfect way for us to carry on when we went into our first national lockdown in March. We get every bit as much individual support as we would if at The Studio. I very soon decided to sign up for two classes a week instead of just one.

Helen’s varied and enjoyable sessions have helped to keep my body going through months of too much television and gardening; and just as importantly, have lifted my spirits.  Like so many others at the moment, on many days I struggle to get motivated.   But when the day starts with Pilates with Helen, I feel positive, invigorated and energetic, and get twice as much done.

For me, these sessions and Pilates have been absolutely vital in helping me weather this challenging year.  Highly recommended.

Joanne Hope

April 2020

What can I say? You’re a godsend, putting all this together in such a short space of time is brilliant! Needless to say, once I got over the technical hitches of Virtual LIVE Online streaming, I am thoroughly enjoying the classes and Pilates once again. Emilia’s class was great as she brings new techniques which is fun as I am always keen to try and to learn……

At this rate I might have to adopt you as my second mum, I see more of you than I do of Mum number 1!

So thank you, and I look forward to my next class with you.

Kumi Wilkinson

September 2018

I have been attending Helen’s classes for a number of years now. I find the range of classes offered and flexibility perfect for my needs. The Studio is a beautiful space and it’s location within Coolings is a bonus! Helen offers a very personal, friendly approach, backed up by a considerable amount of knowledge and experience. There is no other place I would go!

Jane Edwards

 August 2018

I attend weekly Duos with my friend Karen. Helen’s constant encouragement gives us the confidence to progress the Pilates exercises, ensuring that even if we don’t succeed at first, with practice, we will.  Helen has great knowledge of Pilates technique and principles and also of human anatomy, and is able to describe how we should locate specific muscles, and recruit them in the exercises we do.

The studio is super well equipped and easy to get to, with plenty of parking, lovely surroundings and coffee shop on site. Helen is a careful and safe instructor, giving precise instruction on how to use the apparatus.Exercises are based upon ability and progressed to suit. We have both seen big improvements in strength and posture since coming to the studio. I cannot  recommend Helen and her studio more highly.

 Katy Hefford

March 2017

I have been doing reformer Pilates with Helen for about 6 months now, and I absolutely love it. The Studio is in a great location and is the perfect size for an intimate reformer session with just four machines. Helen is a brilliant teacher who quickly learns your individual strength and knows how far to push you to provide a really good and challenging workout. I really recommend reformer PIlates for anyone wanting to increase their core strength. When I was attending two classes a week, I could really see and feel a change in my body.

Wendy Marlow

October 2021

I absolutely loved my Pilates class yesterday. Your teacher, Jacqui was just lovely. The studio set up couldn’t have been more perfect for me, nice small class, masks being worn, just brilliant! 
I came home after class and relaxed and spent the rest of the day to myself – heaven!

Thank you so much for your support in encouraging me to join the Absolute Beginners Friday class.
I’m looking forward to next week already!

Norizan Noorasman

September 2020

I enjoyed the reformer class on Wednesday – my whole body ached the following day so that was good! You have a really good set up, everyone is warm and friendly. I feel safe in terms of health and safety in view of the Covid pandemic. I have booked another session and will see you again soon.

Clare Lawrence

September 2018

Over the years I have been a frequent visitor to the physio; bad posture, working on a laptop, hunching in the cold on the station. So I decided to restart Pilates and joined Helen’s class in 2014 and haven’t looked back since. She can be tough but only because she knows the level of what I can achieve and will push me to attain it. As a result, I am much more toned and fitter, with a strong core… hence the lack of return to the physio!
In 2015 my daughter finished her GCSE’s (during which exercise went out the window) and she was unhappy with her size and general fitness. I managed to drag her to Helen’s Saturday morning class where she would moan and complain and avoid any exertion. Through the enthusiasm of the group, and Helen’s encouragement and perseverance, my daughter was reintroduced to exercise as being fun and satisfying and is now a regular participant, looking forward to Saturdays. Helen’s class always brightens the day and the Saturday Bells and Balls is the perfect start to the weekend.

Lynne Martin

 October 2014

Pilates with Helen is truly enjoyable; her classes warm and welcoming and true to the Pilates ideals. Personal injuries are accommodated with attention to body awareness, enabling us to understand and heed our limitations, working safely through exercises. During the sessions, I am totally engaged; time flies by, and all too soon, the session is over. I attend both group and one-to-one Pilates, and I cannot recommend one over the other, as each complements the other. Personal tuition provides a deeper focus to individual progress and requirements and the mindfulness developed is transferred to group classes. Pilates is both relaxing and invigorating…and addictive.

Adele Cleaver

April 2017

I’ve been doing mat Pilates for years, but Helen’s reformer classes take the whole Pilates experience and body benefit to a whole new level. Absolutely LOVE her classes. Body changing! Can’t recommend them highly enough.

 Roger Hall

October 2014

Having spent over twenty years trying to learn and understand Pilates, almost exclusively with one-to-one matwork teachers, it was great to find Helen who is the best of the six teachers I have had.  She explains well what muscles and body points need to be concentrated on, and which others are supposed to be relaxed.  An hour with Helen is always time well spent

Sara Maines

September 2020

10 years ago, I badly injured my knee whilst skiing, and have struggled to balance fitness with the everyday activities of
life. Each day was all about surviving.
In October 2019, I opted for a partial knee replacement and was advised by the physio to ‘do something like Pilates’ to improve my long term core strength. That’s when I met Helen, life changing on every level!
After a few weeks of Private Tuition, I started attending her Studio reformer classes weekly at ‘Coolings ‘. Soon I began to notice my balance and body tone improve, and that I was getting much stronger. My mindset was calm and life was not about stress and my knee any longer, it was about ME.
My husband and friends noticed the changes in my body shape and made me feel years younger.  I am not a person who loves to do hard work outs, I can’t run and get bored easily. However, Pilates for me is a game changer … very focused on how our body works and more importantly how we can control what we do once we master the method; the breathing techniques are better that any medication you can be given; the exercises make you feel alive and understand how every part of us is joined together … from head to toe…
During the Lockdown we have been unable to go to the studio, but Helen and her team have successfully managed to adapt and deliver group and individual sessions via Zoom , which have been fantastic …
Thank you, Helen, for your ongoing support … it means a lot to me .

Smitha Massey

March 2020

I’m booked into the LIVE Online Intermediate / Advanced Pilates virtual mat class with you tonight. Genuinely really glad you’re doing these virtual live streamed sessions.  I was worried about staying healthy during the lockdown and the Youtube videos don’t work for me – way better to have you live!

 Mel Thomas

March 2017

Having started Pilates in the Autum after a neck injury from lifting weights at a gym, I was very nervous about finding the right type of class and instructor. Helen is very professional and attentive to her clients, the focus is on technique and the fine detail. My neck, my posture and my overall well being has improved and I feel more confident to go back to exercising. Her classes are never the same and l really look forward to them. I would definitely recommend her classes, if you like Pilates, you will love working on the reformer.

 Melanie Weller

May 2015

Doing Pilates for me, was a necessity as someone with a long term back condition… but the Thursday class at Shoreham with Helen is much more than that. It’s a gentle, relaxing, highly effective total body workout – The music is fantastic and for one hour, I am totally focused on doing exercise which improves my back condition, my general body tone and strength and which just simply feels great!

 Isabel Adams

 October 2012

I have been doing Pilates for a few years now and Helen is one of the best teachers of mat-work pilates that I have worked with. Her classes are always varied and challenging, whilst catering for different levels and individual limitations. Helen was great at adapting her class for my knee injuries and provided very good advice and at-home exercises when I had personal training sessions with her.  I would definitely recommend her classes. She’s also great fun!

 Suzanne Schweigert

 January 2012

Just wanted to say that your Pilates class is fantastic, I thoroughly enjoy every single lesson. I really appreciate your enthusiasm and the joy in your teaching; the music you choose that always fits the theme of the lesson really well; and most of all that you focus on every student and help them progress on their individual ‘journey’. It will be hard to find a Pilates class in Durham that can live up to the high standards and the joy that you brought into your teaching!

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