In this class we use the reformer, sometimes converted to a bed, providing a raised surface to lie or sit upon, enabling clients with restricted mobility to learn Pilates method without having to get down to the floor.  Classes include tuition and modified exercises to suitably and safely strengthen the core and limbs. Small apparatus incorporated into the workout, e.g resistance bands, balls and bands, and the use of the reformer with springs.

The combo chair provides the client with seated and/or standing resistance work, to strengthen the extremities and the core muscles.  This class is ideal for improving muscle tone following hip or knee surgery, or in preparation for surgery.

It is essential that prospective clients book a Private Tuition session first to assess suitability to join a group class. Please Contact us first if unsure.
Pricing option for class passes is the Octet.



PLEASE NOTE: All reformer, studio and mat classes on the schedule have descriptions on the booking system. Please wear socks to work in, preferably with gripper soles for stability and studio hygiene

Be in control of your body and not at its mercy

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