The Pilates Combo chair is said to be the most challenging of all the PIlates studio apparatus, but it is more than that,  It enables movement that might otherwise have been unattainable, with assistance and resistance from the springs. This hour long class combines work on the chair and on the reformer, alternating between the two, providing a challenging, fun and effective full body conditioning class.

The Sextet pass is the one to buy for this full studio apparatus session.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have no experience of the apparatus and you have not learned any PIlates, it is  recommended that you familiarise yourself with the method and apparatus before joining this class. It is a fairly fast-moving class, and you will be responsible for your own apparatus set-ups and spring changes with the guidance of an instructor.


Good posture can be successfully acquired only when the entire mechanism of the body is under perfect control


JH Pilates