We have a great line up of LIVE Online classes to suit all ability levels.  From Aerobics, to balance, breathing and Pilates at all levels (only to be expected from the Pilates in Sevenoaks team of fabulous teachers)

Our Total Body Conditioning classes combine aerobics and functional movement, HIIT, and Pilates principles. Some classes are set to music and accessible to all with easy-to-follow choreography.  There are many benefits for you; increase heart rate and burn calories; improve strength and endurance and become more flexible.  Get fitter.

Core Mat Pilates and classical Pilates taught at all levels from beginner to advanced are on offer. Click through on the timetable for full class content description for each one. You will also be able to read a bit more about your teacher.

Our LIVE Online classes are delivered via Zoom Buy LIVE Online class passes or a 4 x Weekly membership to stay super-fit and safe at home while you work out with us.

PRIVATE TUITION is offered LIVE Online via Zoom

PLEASE NOTE: All reformer, studio and mat classes on the schedule have descriptions on the booking system.
Pilates is a progressive exercise program. It is essential to learn the principles first, layering in the exercises in stages. Once confident and strong with the beginning and movements, the time would be right to progress. Muscles build from the centre out and the whole system works with breath, the breathing the most essential principle to master.

You will find your body development approaching the ideal, accompanied by renewed mental vigour and spiritual enhancement

JH Pilates