Pilates in Sevenoaks

The Studio at Coolings Education Centre, TN14 7NN (FREE PARKING)
Pilates dynamic & classical reformer tuition and studio classes.


Personal Pilates tuition is the easiest way to kick-start your Pilates practice. It can be daunting joining a class if you don't have the initial confidence and body awareness that you will no doubt gain from a couple of personal training sessions.

In a typical 1-2-1 session, you may become aware, through teacher assessment, of any postural problems or movement limitations or muscular imbalances. These areas will be pinpointed and specific exercises prescribed and taught to assist with re-alignment and balancing (a minimum of two booked sessions is required for assessment and a home program).

Private sessions can be arranged and booked to take place in my home studio, The Studio at Ringlands Stables, or at your home (subect to avaiability) if unable to atend at the studios.


*Personal Tuition:
Mat & Reformer

2 sessions = £60 per hour
4 sessions = £55 per hour
(or £55/£50 if you attend regular mat classes in addition)
*Two sessions minimum
*Fee payable on booking

*Personal Home Tuition:
7 mile radius from The Studio,
TN13 1XJ, Sevenoaks
subject to availability)
2 sessions = £65 per hour
4 sessions = £60 per hour


Small Group Pilates Reformer Classes:
(Central Sevenoaks Studio)
1 class = £25 (valid for 4 weeks)
4 class = £88 (valid for 6 weeks)
6 class = £132 (valid for 8 weeks)
10 class = £200 (valid for 14 weeks)

(Bookings valid as shown above and must be used within that time or will expire)

Small Group Mat Tuition:
Up to 4: £100 per hour
Up to 6: £120 per hour

Cancellation Policy:
Please be aware that spaces are limited and that therefore 7 days notice of cancellation of pre-booked sessions is required or a fee of 50% will be payable. If less than 24 hours notice to cancel is given, no refund is available.

Notice Period for Group Classes:
Four weeks NOTICE IN WRITING is required if you wish to leave a class. If notice is not received, fees will be charged in lieu



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