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The Studio at Coolings Education Centre, TN14 7NN (FREE PARKING)
Pilates dynamic & classical reformer tuition and studio classes.

Pilates in Sevenoaks Jumpboard reformer class

If you want to expend energy and burn some calories, try a jump board class. These are open to all, and you will be encouraged to work at your own level, dependant upon any physical limitations. It's a great way to generate aerobic energy, useful if you are carrying some extra weight and trying to shift it gradually without stressing your joints.

PLEASE NOTE: A private tuition session is advised prior to joining a jumboard class. These are not suitable for everyone, and we aim to make the studio a safe place for all.


Sessions are open to all at The Studio at the Education Centre, Coolings Nurseries. Reformer sessions are limited to four participants and are listed on the booking system as Quartets.
Combination reformer and other apparatus classes are listed as Octets and limited to eight participants per class. These classes are new at The Studio, and include integration of other apparatus, e.g Wunda Chairs, stability balls and Pilates arcs. Fun and a challenge, incorporating speedy changes between exercises, mind and body both required!!

The first reformer was designed by Joseph Pilates to assist with the rehabilitation of wounded soldiers. Since then the design has come a long way, and he would marvel at the sleek sophistication of today's machines..

The classical reformer repertoire has approximately 64 exercises, ranging from introductory to level 5. These are delivered to individuals and groups by certified teachers who have studied and passed stringent examinations and done hundreds of teaching, observation and practice hours in order to gain their certificates and to look after the clients in their care.

Please email for more details or ...
Interm Reformer at The Stablesonditions apply - all rates are based on a 12 week subscription - offer valid for 12 weeks only

All studio and community mat classes are now interchangeable, via the booking system. It's easy to purchase a block of class credits, and then book up all your sessions in advance. Please do take note of expiry dates.

If you are new to Pilates in Sevenoaks (or returning and haven't purchased any credits via the booking system) you are deemed to be a 'new' client and eligible to purchase a trial 3-class pack credit. These must be used over three consecutive weeks, and expire thereafter. They are interchangeable between venues for mat classes only.

Single class credits available to buy, so if you want an extra one, or you know you're going away for an extended period, it's real easy and convenient to plan ahead, buy and book your classes. The validity date on packages doesn't start running until the date of your first visit.

All daytime community Pilates and Body Conditioning classes run in line with the Kent school terms. Evening classes on Monday and Wednesday run throughout the year, except two weeks at Easter and two weeks at Christmas when there are no classes.


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