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The Studio at Coolings Nurseries Education Centre, TN14 7NN (AMPLE FREE PARKING)
Pilates mat, dynamic & classical reformer tuition and studio classes. Mindful Yoga & Private sessions

"You will feel better in 10 sessions, look better in 20 sessions and have a whole new body in 30 sessions"
- JH Pilates -

The Mat Exercises and Levels:
(PLEASE NOTE: all reformer, studio and mat classes on the schedule have descriptions on the booking system)
Pilates is a progressive exercise program. It is essential to learn the principles first, layering in the exercises in stages. Once confident and strong with the beginning and movements, the time would be right to progress. Muscles build from the centre out and the whole system works with breath, the breathing the most essential principle to master..


Total Beginners Mat Pilates Courses
My decision to introduce regular total beginners classes is to assist those who have no idea about Pilates method, have little or no body awareness, feel stiff and inflexible, are carrying additional weight, have a low level of fitness and perhaps feel disillusioned with other forms of exercise as the entry level is too difficult. It is also an excellent starting point for hyper-mobile people who have too much joint flexibility and not enough muscular tone to assist the joints to stabilise. Recovering from injury or an operation and want to start with gentle exercise. This course of 12 classes teaches the Principles of Movement and Pilates breathing techniques; to enable you to improve no matter what your current condition. The course runs approximately every six months. There is a waiting list, so please register your interest in writing..

Beginners Mat Classes
These are suitable for participants who have completed a Total Beginner course or who have mastered the basics of Pilates method and understand the key principles of alignment, breath and who have reasonable body awareness and movement. They are suitable for all who have done at least six Pilates classes before, or attended individual sessions. We spend time during the warm up working on breathing technique and movement; muscular engagement
and exploring the core musculature, or in Joe's words, The Powerhouse. The exercise routine will usually cover between six to ten exercises in one hour long session. The class usually ends with relaxation and stretch, including stretching techniques and body alignment. Resistance bands and other small items of apparatus are sometimes included to add power to your workout and to assist and support movement and stretching.

Beginners/Improvers Mat
Suitable for participants who have previously attended a number of Pilates classes and are returning to exercise, and for beginners who are progressing with their program, having built their core strength and stamina and increased mobility to a level where they can move confidently through the initial exercises performing a number of repetitions with perfect form. It is likely that intermediate participants will be able to name and identify some of the Pilates original exercises at this stage and have good level of body awareness.

Intermediate/Advanced Mat
Best for those who are naturally athletic with good posture and breathing technique; injury free; used to other forms of exercise and confident in their approach, or who have progressed in classes up to this level.. It is likely that you will know many of the exercises by name at this level and be confident moving fairly swiftly through the routines. Once again, the class is structured to include some basic techniques and to incorporate the principles of Pilates. However, at this level, the number of exercises in an hour will be ten or more, including a free form warm-up and deeper stretches after or during the workout. Relaxation and focus are key.

Balance and Core - 60+
There's a standing warm-up with traditional Pilates footwork exercises, but these can be performed in the chair seated if preferred, as can the upper body strengthening exercises, done seated on a large stability ball. Spinal mobility and core strengthening movements are performed mostly seated, and on the mat if mobility permits. Chair alternatives given to all exercises if required. This class is established and well respected. Everyone welcome, trial classes available before signing up.

Power Mat Pilates:
This class is a blend; the addition of movements and exercises other than the traditional Pilates repertoire, where advanced versions are far too difficult for most of the population. Our fusion classes draw from Yoga, body conditioning, modern dance and more, We may use weights, bands, discs, rings and balls of different sizes. These classes are always set to music with a beat, albeit a slower beat, the moves are easy to learn and to follow and blend into the Pilates repertoire.

Personal Tuition and Training:
This is the route to follow if you aren't ready to join a group session, or just want to learn and practice Pilates method in a very focused and undiluted way. Personal sessions are best if you are starting classes as a total beginner, want to see if you like our teaching style and/or Pilates as a form of movement or exercise, have any conditions or injuries or need help with gentle rehabilitative exercises following surgical limb or joint replacements; or complications following childbirth, or want to improve your performance in a particular sport or activity. Many reasons!!

..... and the extras!!

Bells & Balls: Early Bird Workout:
Warm up to music, get the heart pumping, a perfect session to work up a sweat, burn the calories. If you enjoy mindful exercise to music, with uncomplicated, effective choreography, that allows you to move with control and precision, working your entire body functionally
and efficiently, then this is the class for you!
Now incorporating kettle bells and with lots of Pilates tips and tricks throughout. Movement and balance on the stability ball, strengthening and toning the whole core, deep into spinal muscles. Strengthening and toning for arms, legs and torso. Whatever shape your body is in, this class will help you feel, look and move better than ever before. Suitable for all - exercise options given to suit ability



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