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Fun, friendly & professional daytime and evening exercise classes at local venues
PLEASE NOTE: The Studio is moving to Ringlands Stables TN16 2HR from 13th July to 13th September 17

"Physical fitness is the first requisite
of happiness.
Our interpretation of physical fitness is the attainment and maintenance of a
uniformly developed body with a sound mind
fully capable of naturally, easily, and satisfactorily
performing our many and varied daily tasks
with spontaneous zest and pleasure"

- JH Pilates -

"Doing Pilates for me, was a necessity as someone with a long term back condition... but the Thursday class at Shoreham with Helen is much more than that. It's a gentle, relaxing, highly effective total body workout - The music is fantastic and for one hour, I am totally focused on doing exercise which improves my back condition, my general body tone and strength and which just simply feels great!"
Melanie Weller - May 2015

"Having spent over twenty years trying to learn and understand Pilates, almost exclusively with one-to-one matwork teachers, it was great to find Helen who is the best of the six teachers I have had.  She explains well what muscles and body points need to be concentrated on, and which others are supposed to be relaxed.  An hour with Helen is always time well spent"
Roger Hall - October 2014


"Pilates with Helen is truly enjoyable; her classes warm and welcoming and true to the Pilates ideals. Personal injuries are accommodated with attention to body awareness, enabling us to understand and heed our limitations, working safely through exercises. During the sessions, I am totally engaged; time flies by, and all too soon, the session is over. I attend both group and one-to-one Pilates, and I cannot recommend one over the other, as each complements the other. Personal tuition provides a deeper focus to individual progress and requirements and the mindfulness developed is transferred to group classes.Pilates is both relaxing and invigorating...and addictive."
Lynne Martin - October 2014

"I want you to know that I am very sorry to be giving up my Friday morning slot in your class, I love it and I know I benefit from it.  You give clear uncomplicated instructions on how to do
the individual exercises and how the body moves as we complete them.  You help us to visualise internally and externally. An enormous benefit is that classes are kept small, so you
have time to walk around and observe as we work, giving individual help and attention to anyone who needs it.  And most of all, you make the classes fun - there is always lots of laughter and a light hearted feel to them."
Diane Long - June 2013

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed last night's class.  If and when my situation changes, I would definitely like to return to your inspiring Pilates classes."
Jane K - January 2013

"I've really enjoyed training with you Helen, in both classes.  I love your energy and your laugh! You're very aware of what our bodies should be experiencing and .that really helps me to know whether I'm in the correct positions and that I'm doing an exercise correctly. I'm definitely going to carry on with pilates when I get back to Sydney - I wonder if I'll find a teacher a good as you!!" - Nicki Robbillard, November 2012

"I have been doing Pilates for a few years now and Helen is one of the best teachers of mat-work pilates that I have worked with. Her classes are always varied and challenging, whilst catering for different levels and individual limitations. Helen was great at adapting her class for my knee injuries and provided very good advice and at-home exercises when I had personal training sessions with her.  I would definitely recommend her classes. She's also great fun!" 
Isabel Adams, October 2012  

"Just wanted to say that your Pilates class is fantastic, I thoroughly enjoy every single lesson. I really appreciate your enthusiasm and the joy in your teaching; the music you choose that always fits the theme of the lesson really well; and most of all that you focus on every student and help them progress on their individual ‘journey’. It will be hard to find a Pilates class in Durham that can live up to the high standards and the joy that you brought into your teaching!"
Suzanne Schweigert, January 2012

 "I would just like to say, I am really enjoying the lessons. Realise how much I need to learn. The class last night may have been a little harder but it makes me realise how much I need to do, to progress. I have to say, although still so much still to progress, I have noticed when I travel down to Devon in the car, my back isn’t aching after the travel. That is a real bonus to me."
Davena Robinson, January 2012



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