Pilates in Sevenoaks

The Studio is now open at Coolings Nurseries Education Centre, TN14 7NN (with AMPLE FREE PARKING)
Pilates mat, reformer and studio classes

Sessions are currently limited to two to a class, for the interim period, until we move to a new and bigger studio. In the interim, classes and appointments will take place at Ringlands Stables (or some appointments at Chapmans Road)


Cardio Jump on the Reformer

The first reformer was designed by Joseph Pilates to assist with the rehabilitation of wounded soldiers. Since then the design has come a long way, and he would marvel at the sleek sophistication of today's machines..

Reformer exercises were devised and developed before mat work, and a number of them have been adapted for the mat. Once you've trained on a reformer, you won't want to practice on anything else. It is a truly amazing, possibly even life-changing, experience.

The reformer repertoire has approximately 64 exercises, ranging from introductory to level 5. These are delivered to individuals and groups by certified teachers who have studied and passed stringent examinations and done hundreds of teaching, observation and practice hours in order to gain their certificates and to look after the clients in their care.

Please email, call or talk to me for more details or ...
Interm Reformer at The Stablesonditions apply - all rates are based on a 12 week subscription - offer valid for 12 weeks only
All daytime Pilates and Body Conditioning classes run in line with the Kent school terms. Evening class on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday run throughout the year, except two weeks at Easter and two weeks at Christmas when there are no classes. Daytime participants are welcome to pay-as-you-go during the holidays to attend evening classes. (Spaces permitting - please just ask)
. Friends, family always welcome.


The Studio, Coolings Nurseries Education Centre, Knockholt, Sevenoaks. TN14 7NN
Tel: +44 (0) 7799 534 191